Taking a Mobile Approach to Fuel Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation may sound great on paper, but what does it really mean? How can introducing a mobile strategy integrate this concept into your business? Achieving transformation is much more than just adding a mobile application to your product offerings. In this blog, we’ll discuss how a mobile strategy can accelerate ROI and play a pivotal role in stimulating company-wide innovation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation can be broadly described as a multi-faceted approach to building a company that embraces innovation. While adding new technology to an organization’s tech stack is certainly an important piece of the puzzle, it’s far from being the only consideration! The goal of digital transformation is to foster a culture of trial, error, and experimentation. Encouraging employees to try out their ideas without fear of failure will lead to sped up cycles of creativity and provide a way to work on projects of interest without traditional workplace boundaries. 

Ultimately, this cultural shift will improve the experience for customers when they start benefiting from the new ways you can deliver value. In the context of mobile, that could mean extending current offerings, automating processes, and/or introducing new services with a mobile app. Overall, mobile digital transformation leads to a greater exchange of ideas, encouraging innovation within an organization and delivering increased value to customers.

Mobile is a Supplement to Digital Transformation, Not a Replacement

While the mobile landscape is always evolving, one thing is for certain: it’s here to stay. In 2021, it’s estimated that smartphone owners spent a third of their total media time on a mobile device. With the constant need to be connected, it’s no wonder that the popularity of mobile continues to rise, making it a great addition to your roadmap. Many organizations start with mobile applications as extensions of a current business offering, but soon find them to be the main source of revenue and traffic (just ask our friends at Conchology!).

While mobile can be an extremely useful tool, it’s important to view it as a supplement to an overarching digital strategy. Though the ability to reach a customer anywhere, anytime can seem most appealing, it’s important to experiment with digital platforms across different mediums to identify the most effective strategy. In other words, mobile should be one important tool in a diverse and comprehensive digital transformation toolkit.

How Teams Can Benefit from a Mobile App Strategy

Now that we’ve discussed the meaning behind digital transformation and the importance of mobile, let’s dive into some specific ways organizations can benefit from this addition.

Leverage the Latest Technologies

Keeping up with the latest mobile app development trends and technologies helps organizations stay ahead of the competition. A great example? Nail polish brand Essie used augmented reality (AR) to enable consumers to preview different types of nail polishes before buying, right from their mobile devices. The Essie team leveraged the latest AR technology optimized for a mobile format to produce a newsworthy service. Incorporating emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, mobile wallets, and folding phones in creative ways can enrich existing product offerings and make for a truly unique and memorable customer experience. 

Increased Flexibility 

Because the mobile landscape is constantly changing, organizations that embrace innovation encourage employees to continuously ideate and build solutions for dynamic industries. A well-designed app can meet customers where they are and must frequently be updated to improve the mobile user experience. Similarly, businesses that embrace digital transformation must ensure employees have the resources needed to work in an agile manner.

Speed Up Product Lifecycles 

The latest and greatest products are coming to market faster and faster. Product lifecycles, particularly in the electronics and software markets, have never been shorter. Companies with a shorter time to market will often have an edge over competition, and it’s a race to the finish! Luckily, digital transformation can greatly accelerate product lifecycles, without sacrificing quality. Digital agency Alionova helps their clients do just that – build on innovative development tools like Thunkable to bring clients’ mobile app ideas to market, fast. 

Optimize Internal Workflows 

As mentioned above, digital transformation includes introducing modern, effective mobile applications to enable employees to access their work from anywhere at any time. Tools like Google Workspace and Slack offer mobile options that free employees from the restraints of working at their desk, to work more efficiently. Alternatively, businesses can build custom mobile applications to fit their unique needs.

Meet Resource Allocation Expectations

With more developers in demand than available to work, organizations are tapping existing headcount to do the same jobs, even without a technical skill set. This is possible through new, innovative software that can be widely utilized across departments. For example, Unbounce enables non-technical employees to build landing pages, while saving developer’s time to work on more pressing projects.

In the same way, it’s easier to adhere to budgetary limits that may arise with the incorporation of digital transformation. While the onboarding of new tools may come at a cost, they will inevitably be offset by retaining current employees that can perform the desired action items, while not having to hire new talent or outsource the work.

Get Started with Digital Transformation

We strongly believe that the future of business is mobile. If you’re considering adding a mobile first strategy to your roadmap, Thunkable is the perfect next step to take in your journey. We’ve assisted many organizations in achieving digital transformation through our no code app development platform.

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