What's New with Thunkable? February 2023 Product Updates

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We have had many exciting feature releases this month. For Creators who strive to make an impact with their mobile app and distinguish themselves from the competition, our latest features will help advance your mobile app development journey. Our latest releases involve collaboration capabilities, design enhancements, and auto-saving

Let’s take a look at what was released in February 2023.

Thunkable Organizations: Collaboration, Administration, Versioning

Creators asked, and we delivered! After much anticipation, we are excited to announce collaboration and administration functionality to help teams move faster. Thunkable Organizations gives teams an enterprise-grade suite of collaboration and administration abilities to seamlessly work together on a single workspace and create mobile-first experiences. 

What Does This Mean for You?

With Thunkable Organizations, developers can streamline their workflows and increase overall productivity. As a result, teams can design, develop, and deploy high-quality apps faster than ever before. Within Thunkable Organizations, you’ll gain access to three new key capabilities: collaboration, administration, and version control. Learn more about how Thunkable Organizations can impact your team.

Who Is This Available To? 

Thunkable Teams and Enterprise creators can access this feature. If you are interested in bringing your team together in a single workspace and accelerating development timelines, reach out to our team

New Keyboard Shortcuts to Achieve Design Perfection

With a few keyboard shortcuts, Creators can now move components down to a single pixel. 

What Does This Mean for You?

Aligning and positioning components to achieve a perfect UI is now easier than ever. Perfect your design process with these new keyboard shortcuts.

Who Is This Available To? 

All creators have access to this feature. Build anything you can Thunk on the the best no code app builder!

Stress-Free Auto-Versioning

auto-versioning available in thunkable best no code app development platform

Mobile app development involves many moving parts, and we wanted to give you peace of mind with Thunkable’s new auto-saving feature. Thunkable automatically backs up your project every few hours so you don’t have to.

What Does This Mean for You?

Thunkable’s auto-saving capabilities allow Creators to work stress-free on their apps. No matter a power outage or your cat deciding to keyboard smash all your hard work away (we’ve been there), you can rest assured that the hours spent on building your app aren’t gone in an instant. 

Who Is This Available To? 

Auto-saving is available to Pro, Business, and Team Creators. Are you interested in upgrading to benefit from this feature? Upgrade now!

Custom Domains for Web Apps

custom domains available in thunkable best no code app development platform

Are you ready to launch your personalized web app’s domain address? Now you can with our recently available custom domains. Bring your brand to a whole new level.

What Does This Mean for You?

Thunkable-published web apps can now have their own personalized and branded custom domain you can share with your clients, customers, or participants in a classroom setting. A custom domain for your no code mobile app will allow for easy identification and brand consistency and will increase the likelihood of your app being discovered by users.

Who Is This Available To? 

Custom Domains for your web apps are available to Thunkable creators with Business and Team subscriptions. 

If you are interested in enabling this feature, upgrade your membership

Access These Features Today

The Thunkable team works endlessly to ensure Creators receive the solutions they need to build professional apps for their businesses, clients, or classrooms all on our no code native app builder. If you are ready to level up your mobile app development process, then get started today!

Have questions? We are here to help ensure you get the development expertise and guidance you need to bring your no code app creation from idea to market. 

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